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It’s easy to make content that looks pretty, but to create content that engages your audience is another story. Our Business Marketing solutions team puts in the time to research and develop the content that works best for engaging and converting the target audience for your business.

Rebel's website design team will build you a website that will not only look and function great but one that will show up when your customers search for what you do. We know that today over 80% of people search for a product or service before they make a purchase.

Our websites are built with your customers behavior in mind. Complimentary website customers see increases in orders in the first 90 days.


Your website design will look and feel the way your customers want
while performing the way your business needs.

Receive a complimentary website


Media Marketing

Let’s connect your business to where your customers are: right at their fingertips. Social media marketing connects you to the biggest platforms so that you can advertise your business, increase your following all while boosting your revenue. Learn more about Social Media Marketing.

Our Business Marketing Services will align your social presence with your new website design. Maintaining a consistent brand image reduces friction in capturing and converting new customers and retaining your current customers.

Social Content
Customers In

It is easy to make content that looks pretty, but to create content that engages your audience in, is another story. Our social media team puts in the time to research what content best works for your business, when is the best time to post, all in efforts to best reach your audience.

We build long-term Social Media strategies without relying on short-term tactics
▶ We help you choose your Social Media platforms
▶ We use data to determine your audience
▶ We engage your audience with relevant content and exciting messaging
▶ We help you build meaningful relationships with your audience
▶ We help you produce high quality, colorful and unique visual content
▶ We increase engagement with your brand and your audience


Search Engine

Our SEO Marketing specialists will work with you to research, discover and analyze the exact search terms (“keywords”) that your prospective customers are typing into their search bar. 80% of customers cite an internet search as what led them to their purchase in a particular business. The SEO Marketing team at Rebel will ensure that your website gives you the opportunity to earn that business.

Be Where Your Customers
Are Looking

Rebel will use our tools to collect an analyze all available data sources to create a strategy based on your customers search behaviors. Our goal is to increase traffic; troughout our Business Marketing Services; to your site from new customers while also increasing loyalty and frequency from your current customers. Rebel’s SEO Marketing programs build the correct search terms into your website so that when customers search for what you do your website shows up in their search

Our strategy gives you a jumpstart and shortens the timeline.
▶ Research
▶ PPC Management
▶ ROI Tracking
▶ Blogs
▶ Reports
▶ Google Integration
▶ Content Optimization
▶ Business Related Keywords



Pay Per Click or PPC is the best way to be at the top of the search results when potential customers are looking for the product or service you provide. While this is the best way to be seen and to drive traffic it is also expensive. Our Pay Per Click programs utilize the latest in automating bid software to ensure you are in the correct position for the correct customer at the lowest possible cost..

Get Your Ad
On Top of Google

Once we’ve found what customers in your market are searching for and what your competition is offering we create the model for your Pay Per Click campaigns to maximize your budget based on your goals.

Our SEO marketing includes on page local SEO built to perform when customers in your local market search for you or your line of business. 80% of customers do an internet search before making a purchase, we ensure your business has a chance to be found.

People Are Searching For What You Sell
▶ Keyword Search Volume
▶ Average cost per click vs your budget
▶ Lifetime customer value. To maximize your ROI
▶ Increase Leads
▶ Stay on top of searches
▶ Drive traffic to your business