Get More Followers on Social Media

April 6, 2021by admin
Marketing Solutions with Merchant Services
Marketing Solutions with Merchant Services

How To Get More Followers On Social Media

What Should Small Businesses Be Posting On Social Media To Get More Followers

Social media marketing is a booming force that can add several benefits to your business. Using it correctly can increase your traffic and gain your business new customers at the reach of your fingertips. Although, using it incorrectly can have a traumatic effect on your business. Regardless of, you should not be discouraged from starting to build your social media presence as it is an excellent marketing tool that can benefit your business tremendously.

So, is there a right way to do social media? Is it a one plan fits all type of strategy? Not exactly, it is a strategy though, and depending on your business and who your audience is, it will affect the steps you take when starting to build your social media presence. Today you can find marketing packages that include social media marketing, so that it can be handled by professionals without you having to lift a finger. But if you are venturing on this journey alone, here are some great tips to start creating engaging content that your customers will respond to. Has anyone specially form a small business ever asked you “how to get more followers on social media?”

Things to consider before posting on social media

Before posting the wrong thing on your social media it is important to define your brand. Starting with your story, and how you want that story to read to your customers. You should also have defined your brand in terms of color pallets, the typography you use, the language and so on. Most of this would have already been defined before you established your storefront, but often people lose the translation to their physical brand to the one they portray on social media. That is where a lot of small businesses go wrong, they don’t take the time to correlate their established brand to the one they are going to build online. Your social media should be the window to your business, in the absolute best lighting. This sounds easy enough but when you are running a business and the designer you hired to help you define your brand is no longer around, little stylistic things get lost when building your social media presence, and it leads to a not so effective profile.

Know your target audience

This is another one of those things that you probably had already established beforehand, who your target audience is. This is important because depending on the demographic you are trying to reach will vary the platform you use, the time, and the content. A 50-year-old businessman will probably not be on tik toc in the middle of a workday, but a younger audience might very well be online ready to consume your content. These are all little things that you need to consider before you post, it will help you reach a greater audience online, which gives your content more of a chance to get new likes, and new followers.

What type of Content should you post?

Your content from the visuals to the written, should be content that you know your customers want to see, so it may vary depending on what business you are in. For example, if you are known for the best biscuits in town… you show off those biscuits as best as you can, that could be with a video or picture of them coming straight out of the oven, or simply snapping a quick photo of a customer biting into them (with their permission of course). It is important that your content varies, maybe not so much in the subject (depending on the business), but in the way you display it. The same thing being posted time and time again will quickly become stale and you will notice that your follower count will begin to flat line and then decrease. Creating a schedule, a month ahead will help you organize your content, allow yourself to plan content specific to holidays, promotional events, or limited-time deals, that way you know that you are coming up with new ideas that will not bore your audience.

Pay attention to trending posts

It is always important to stay up to date with the trends. You don’t have to an avid trend setter or follow every tik toc star, but you should be aware of what starts continually popping up on your newsfeed, hashtags that start to trend, any challenges or even popular memes, of course this all depends on your business and who your audience is, maybe following up too much on the trends can actually have a negative effect so make sure that is established first. If you are a more professional based business, trending news  is something you would want to have a voice in, and in that you can create content around that.

How often should you post on social media

Is there such thing as too little, too much when it comes to posting on social media? The answer is yes, posting too little can make your follower-based question themselves as to why they even follow an absent page. On the other hand, bombarding your followers with content can become annoying, remember your page isn’t the only thing your audience follows so seeing too much of your page can draw people away. So how much is too little and too much, too little would be posting once, or twice, a month, it is just not enough to keep an audience engaged. While posting twice a day can be far too much, not to mention that dumping all that content will reduce the quality in your work. Remember quality over quantity when it comes to posting. The rule of thumb when posting, is 2-4 times a week, this could be varying from an actual post, or a story, or even a reel, the important thing is to show you are active in someway at least 2-4 times a week.

Avoid Posting this type of content

As you may have heard of “cancel culture” is something everyone with an online presence should be aware of. What you post can have a direct negative effect on your business, and a big enough scandal can drive your business to the brink.

To be safe, keep your profile about your business, and only about your business. Controversial topics like politics, religion, etc. is better to stay clear and free from. It can become a very sensitive area for some people to avoid certain subjects, but as a fair warning what you choose to have a stance on, even if it is on your personal social media, can and probably will upset people on the opposite side of the argument. Often people’s distaste for your stand does not always stay on your personal profile, but can be brought to your business profile as well. When deciding what to post put yourself in the viewer’s perspective and then decide if it is worth risking your business’s reputation for it. You will find out that not everyone goes out as a martyr when it comes to the online world. Thisiis very important, stay with your business profile, just because you need followers, don’t be controversial,  the term “how to get more followers on social media”, its an easy way to help your business.

Start Posting…

Now that you know things to consider when posting, remember this, social media presence is worth the time and managing. For business owners, time is something they don’t have to spare, which is why so many businesses are outsourcing their marketing so that things are taken care of professionally. Rebel Payments offers solution packages that allows small businesses to have their marketing needs met, without breaking the budget. Marketing your own business by yourself can be a challenging task, consider hiring a professional as a great investment for your company’s growth.

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