Our Vision
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Our vision
Is to disrupt an antiquated industry that was created by an era of people who did not have the technology of today or the creativity to think about what is best for merchants and their businesses. The Rebelution was born from a need for change, change that actually helps businesses thrive. With our business service universe our mission is to turn revenues that have always been a negative line item into a profit building center for businesses. We want to align our business with yours Join The Rebelution today and start the future of your business.

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What do we
Stand for?

No credit card fees merchant company


Is at the core of what Rebel has built its foundation on. We believe that respect should be the core ingredient of every great organization.


Whether a fortune 500 customer or a small startup company, we believe that excellence shouldn’t just be for big business. Our promise is to deliver excellence in all we do.


Our belief is that nothing is more creative… nor disruptive… than a brilliant mind with a purpose.


We believe that every employee and every customer was created for greatness, we at Rebel desire to empower those who dream, to reach and exceed their goals.


We aspire to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. We believe a leader is more than just a word but is more of an action and a lifestyle.

Rebel Payments

Rebel puts all its attention into growing your business with you.
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Rebel Payments no processing Fees
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